Good Day:

As a graduate of Penn State University's masters program
in Public Administration with extensive experience in
planning and government relations, I am actively pursuing
career advancement opportunities. I strongly believe in
public service and have acquired the requisite skills
necessary to continue building a career in Public
Administration and Planning. I am intensely interested in
these fields as the skills required to be successful in
managerial, supervisory, technical, social and public
speaking roles is congruent with my current skill set and
aligns very well with my immediate and long-term
professional and personal goals.

This website is designed to introduce myself to you. I invite
you to examine the information provided here. You will
quickly learn of my credentials with the end goal of helping
you envision how my expertise can have a positive and
proactive impact within your organization.

Charles R. Gable, MPA
Charles Robert Gable, MPA
A proven record of success
in functional areas of
personnel, budgeting,
accounting, strategic planning,
mathematic modeling &
analysis, communication and
public interaction.
Charles R. Gable, MPA